domenica, 22 aprile 2012

Livre photographique, 17 x 22,5 cm, couverture souple, 128 pages — 2011
Textes par Sam Stourdzé, Suzannne Kala-Lobe et Jean-Luc Cramatte

mercoledì, 28 marzo 2012

The Moment After The Show

«You made me look good»

«That’s the only way to show how we really are»

due fotografi che fanno vedere gli stars subito dopo il loro concerto:

sudati, stanchi, ma felici!

bellissimo progetto!

domenica, 16 ottobre 2011

i was at a wonderful concert...
listen to peter kernel

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martedì, 4 ottobre 2011

lunedì, 3 ottobre 2011

CT says:

My name is CT , I’m 22 years old and I come from a little town on the hills nearby Torino.

During week I think about painting; on weekend I go painting.
Since I was a child I always love to draw,
during middle school I met a guy that was a little bit involved in tags, so I start tagging too.
For a lot of years I only do thousands of classic graffiti sketch and no walls painting,
when I start making it on walls I immediately get bored of that graffiti attitude,
so I start making something different.

mercoledì, 28 settembre 2011

hmm... i cannot do anything about it.
i still like it toooo much!

My New Fellow

the most beautiful lamp ever.


This is a technical demo for face substitution technique.
The application works in real time and it's developed using
the opensource framework for creative coding openFrameworks:

mercoledì, 22 giugno 2011

a studio presents itself

2x4 Inc.

is a multidisciplinary studio focusing on design for art, architecture --

-- fashion and cultural clients worldwide.

martedì, 14 giugno 2011

Did you hear a click??????
....just awesome! and yes, that could have happen to me ;)

martedì, 7 giugno 2011



Haselsträucher originalgetreu» ist eine populärbotanische Neuerscheinung, ein Augenöffner für notorische Randsträucher-Überseher, ein Bestimmungsbuch für Alle-Haselsträucher-in-einen-Topf-Werfer,
ein Standardwerk für Detailversessene.


«...In Ergänzung und Erweiterung der Ausstellung FILMFRONT(AL) rekonstruie
ren wir mit diesem Buch und der DVD ein Kapitel Schweizer Film- und Kulturge
schichte, deren Protagonisten in den 1970 er - und 1980 er - Jahren für beides eintraten, was im Schweizer Film heute wiedergefordert wird: für den Film als Kunst und die Kunst als poetischen Widerstand. Wobei wir bei der Konzeption der Publikation den Anspruch der FILMFRONT-Redaktion übernahmen, ein « Organ des Kampfes für den unabhängigen Film » zu schaffen, auch wenn sich dieser « Kampf » auf die Aufarbeitung einiger Bruchteile der internationalen Geschichte des unabhängigen Film
- und Videoschaffens beschränkt. Wir griffen daher auf einige gestalterische und inhaltliche Konzepte der Filmerzeitschrift zurück...»

domenica, 5 giugno 2011

Les Dark Dark Dark.
Un groupe à géométrie variable.
Peu causant.
Timides ou distants.
On ne sait pas très bien.

Tell me what you celebrate
It isn’t hard to do
Do you love me?
Do you love that paint?
Exposing the brick
They’re crumbling a bit
Do you love the bees
Fly over our heads
Race into the woods
Make honey so sweet

Do you love me
Do you love the breeze
When you stand on the deck
Of a boat on the sea
Or when it comes through
An open window
Of a high ceiling room
On the eleventh floor

Do you love stories
Of that stream you found
You followed the path
Burns under your feet
The trees they parted
And you stumbled upon
The coolest trail
Your skin heads north

And tell me what you celebrate
It isn’t hard to do
Do you love me
A walk on the street
Oh lavender
The scent fills the air
Oh remember
The hand sewn quilt
We laid on it there
We laid on it there

sabato, 4 giugno 2011

They are very huggeable!

Annika is from Finland, studied design in Ireland, an now is based in NY.
Her grandmother taught her to crochet at an age too young to remember
and her mother is a seamstress - the spark was inevitable.

I like more...

I LIKE MORE yes than no, mac than pc, apple than papaya, handwriting letter than mail, crazy people than boring guys, autumn than summer, vespa than harley, truth than lies (ok, sometimes maybe not), red than green, helvetica than arial, saturday morning than sunday morning, dogs than cats, david lynch than george lucas, chocolate cake than chocolate pudding, thunderstorms than normal rainy weather, redwine than whitewine, tina turner than all-other-girly-shit-singers, peperoncini than salt, be happy...

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